2017 MetroHealth Annual Meeting

This spring I was asked to photograph the stories of three people whose lives had been impacted by MetroHealth.  The photographs were part of a multimedia presentation illustrating a speech given by CEO Dr. Akram Boutros. 

The first, was Endia Reynolds, a high school student at the School of Science and Health, who found inspiration to pursue a career in healthcare after visiting Life Flight. 

Then, there was Shedrick Jordan, who despite his disability, works in the hospital's environmental services and is loved by all.

Finally, Kim Jaworski.  He and his wife Carol, were taken to MetroHealth after each was stabbed 14 times by their son, who suffered from mental illness.  Kim was so touched by his care that he now volunteers at the hospital counseling others trying to overcome trauma.  They've since found help for their son and are advocates for changes in the treatment of the mentally ill.

It was privilege to work on this project and help share the stories of these three very special people.

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