Client: cleveland museum of natural history

Searching for the origins of man


Teaser video

Every year world-renown Paleo-anthropologist Dr. Johannes Haile-Selassie of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History hunts for fossils in the Afar region of Ethiopia.  This sun-battered swath of the Horn of Africa is considered Ethiopia's badlands but flanked by Djubouti to the north and Somalia to the east, it is fertile ground for finding fossils – including the famous, Lucy.

When John Mangels, the museum’s Science Communications Officer, asked if I’d be interested in accompanying, Haile-Selassie and his team to document their work, the answer was “absolutely.”

The assignment called for photography and video of Selassie and his crew in the field for an upcoming exhibit that will include a ground-breaking virtual assisted experience.

I found Africa fascinating and witnessing Haile-Selassie at work inspiring.  On this page is a sample of that experience.