Authenticity resonates.  Its power moves and inspires us to action.  And video harnesses and leverages that energy like no other medium.  Watch the videos below and see for yourself.

Magnolia Clubhouse saves lives.  The caring professionals there provide so many things essential to those battling mental illness, especially hope.  This story gives voice to those who suffer and speaks to those who can help.

Omori Media created the concept and produced this piece from interviews to final edit.


Akron Children's Hospital's orthopedic surgeons love to fix broken kids.  They may work with their hands, but it comes from the heart. 

As part of a digital ad campaign, Omori Media crafted profiles of their nine pediatric orthopedic surgeons.  Below are three of them.

MetroHealth's Rehab Center bridges the gap between tragedy and redemption.  It takes dedication and training, but above all, it takes treating patients like your own family.

Omori Media produced this video featured at the MetroHealth Gala 2016.  When it ended, the subjects of the piece, 17-year-old Joe Gamin and the caregivers, received a standing ovation.

The 30-second teaser (below)  was produced for social media and emails promoting the gala.